‘Find Your Flow’ LIVE Venting & Brainstorming Session

As a writer, it’s hard to admit you haven’t been able to write.

I don’t just mean write the good stuff. I mean write at all.

We know all the sayings. “Writers write.” “Butts in the chair gets words on the page.” “You can’t edit a blank page.”

“Just write.”

Write. Write. Write.

It’s not always that easy, is it?

But it’s worth trying to find a way.

I want you to find your flow. I want your stories. The world needs your stories.

That’s why I’m hosting a FREE, LIVE ‘Find Your Flow: Creatives Venting & Brainstorming” Session.

You Could Go It Alone…But Don’t

I admit that I’m a reclusive hermit.

But sometimes the only way to get ‘unstuck’ & find your flow is by connecting with other people’s brains. And hearts. And ideas.

Sign up for the FREE, live brainstorming/creative venting session for my newsletter peeps on Thursday, September 2, at 1p Eastern time.


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Basic Details

…Only for newsletter subscribers

…Kris will run the session LIVE

…It’s completely FREE

…Via Zoom. (You may need to download the software. it’s very lightweight. Video is NOT required.)

…Limited to the first 50 sign-ups. (If you can’t make it, or it’s full by the time you try to sign up,  let us know! Scroll to the bottom of this page & send us your name & email.)

…We’re here to support each other. I will shut down anything that doesn’t fit the category of “supportive,” but here’s the deal:

  • COVID is real
  • Vaccines work
  • Masks are good

This is non-negotiable. If you aren’t in this mental space, or willing to allow this mental space, this isn’t the event for you.

Also, get vaccinated.

How Will It Work?

So…what are we going to do? How are we going to do this “creatives vent & brainstorm” session?

We’re going to SUPPORT EACH OTHER.

1) We’re going to share our struggles with being creative, because validation is hugely important and…

2) We’re going to share ideas on how to find the creative doorways again. How to get excited. How to shimmy closer to your creative flow, so you start feeling ‘it’ again.

Everyone comes with ideas!

We may not be able to get to them all, but we’ll try!

This is a first time for me to run this, so your patience and grace is much appreciated.

Row of hands resting on a downed tree

Was the session full when you tried to sign up?

Let us know! If there’s enough interest, we’ll try to run it again.

Just drop in your name & email on the right & be the first to get alerted if we have future sessions.

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