The Two Things Every Scene Needs

It’s time to fix the boring bits!

You’ve got a great story, but it’s starting to drag, and you have no idea why.

You plot & replot, get with critique partners, rewrite, revise…but it’s still not working.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple, powerful system to assess why your scenes aren’t working, and concrete tools to repair them?

We’ve got them for you in this fiction writing Masterclass! 



What’s wrong with my story?

One of the most common challenges writers face is creating stories that engage readers on every page, in every scene.

When you’re down in the weeds of your own story, it can be difficult to figure out if–and why–a single scene or progression of scenes aren’t working. It can be even more difficult to decide if you need to go back to the drawing board for the entire story.

All you know is it’s not working.

The pace off…

Your characters are lying flat on the page…

The action scenes are lackluster…

The thrills fail to thrill and the romance won’t sizzle.

And why is the middle so saggy & flat??

A fear begins to grow inside you…is my story boring? Or broken? What’s going on??

We’ve got answers!

Scene Level Drama Drives Story

Blockbuster plots don’t tell the whole story

Blockbuster plots and over-the-top characters are great. But they’re not enough to drive the story forward from Page One through to The End.

Story is told on every page

You can’t only create Story at that ‘big’ level—plot & character. You must create it at the ‘micro’ level too.

Scene-level drama

Storytellers need to push the story forward & grab the readers’s attention in every scene. On every page.

That’s a lot of grabbing!

How do you do it?

In our Masterclass Mini, The Two Things Every Scene Needs, we break down essential strategies for crafting story at the ‘micro’ level: scene-by-scene. We break down drama at the scene level, giving you knowledge & insight to quickly identify & diagnose problem scenes.

But it’s not enough to simply understand scene-level drama, is it? Or to be able to identify problems? Nope. You need to know how to fix those problems. You need to be able to craft drama on the page, page after page.

After taking this Masterclass, you’ll have that knowledge.

We give you powerful, easy-to-understand strategies & simple-to-execute tools, so you get pure dramatic power on every page, from Chapter One through to The End.

Masterclass Contents

The Single Essential Element of a Page-Turner

Why ‘Big Story’ isn’t enough, & what you need to be doing in every scene to create a page-turner.

3 Things That Kill A Page-Turner

Learn 3 things that make readers not want to turn the page, where they commonly happen, & why they happen.

The 2 Things Every Scene Needs Overview

Learn the two simple, powerful things every compelling scene does.

Story Questions: What They Are, Where You Need Them, & How To Get Them

A deep-dive into the essential Story Questions you need in every scene, & tools to develop & execute them on the page.

Story Questions: Dramatic Benefits

Undestand how precision-crafting scene level Story Questions can drive your story forward, reveal character, build world, and add tension.

Story Replies: What They Are, Where You Need Them, And How To Get Them

Intensive deep-dive into the second essential element needed in every scene, & strategies to deliver it.

Story Replies: Dramatic Benefits

Review & deepen your understanding of why this process is so dramatically powerful.

Seeing It In Action: Jaws

We’ll break down the opening of JAWS to show you exactly how this process operates in one of the most blockbuster-y movies of all time.

Pro Tips & Troubleshooting

Special considerations & common problems writers face in applying these concepts, as well as strategies to fix them.

Bonus: Downloadable Workbook

You’ll get a downloadable ebook reviewing the material & offering exercises to develop the Two Things Every Scene Needs in your own story.

Bonus: Q&A Webinar Recording

After working through the lessons, you might still be stuck. We don’t want that; we want you in creative flow, confident, competent, & inspired.

Which is why we held a live Q&A webinar FREE to students. Writers submitted their questions, and we delivered answers, with slides & examples from film & fiction.

This webinar is PACKED with strategies to help you apply the concepts from the course. You’ll come away with a toolkit of  specific, concrete, actionable techniques to build dramatic tension at a scene level.