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Forget vague writing tips…

…that often don’t explain the why’s or hows.

Ditch the generic rules that sound good in theory, but fall apart when you try to apply them in your own story.

“Make my characters ‘sympathetic’? Why? And how?”

“‘Start with action’?” What does that mean, exactly? And what if my story isn’t action-filled? Help!”

“‘Ensure my character’s goals drive the story’? What does that mean, and how do I do it?” 

At Romance Writing Lab, we don’t do vague or generic. We do powerful deep-dives to help you become a master of the craft of storytelling.

Our goal is to build your competence & confidence, as well as your enthusiasm, & excitement.

We’re here to teach and inspire.

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Two Things Every Scene Needs

Great plot, boring story? It’s a common struggle. But how do you create stories that engage readers on every page, in every scene?


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Crafting Must-Read Backstory

Backstory doesn’t live in the past. It’s one of the most powerful tools the storyteller has, and it can drive your story forward on every page. Learn how in this Masterclass intensive.

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Building Remarkable Characters

Forget about making your characters ‘sympathetic.’ Learn powerful techniques to make them remarkable, unique, & unforgettable.

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Essential Keys To Romance Fiction

Romance is the biggest genre in fiction, but you can’t simply add a romantic interest or some hot sex & call it good. You have to honor the genre, and deliver what readers want.

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Just The (Romance) Turning Points

Turning points are what determines if a story boring or not. But what are turning points, really?  And how do you use them to structure and craft a powerful, character-driven story?

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Goals, Motivation, Conflict, & Action

The building blocks of great fiction seem simple, but they can be hard to do right. How do tou braid them together to get a powerful story from Page One through to The End?

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Masterclass Intensives

These courses offer accelerated, comprehensive deep-dives into the core elements of storytelling.

You’ll learn the “whys” behind the craft rules & concepts you’ve heard a thousand times…and you’ll discover a few rules you can–and probably should–throw away entirely.

We reframe well-worn concepts to make them fresh, crystal clear, and above all, inspiring. You’ll get powerful insights into the heart of dramatic storytelling, the “What’s” and the “Why’s.”

But we don’t stop there. It’s not enough to understand what to do. You need to know how to do it.

So we provide loads of practical, powerful, concrete strategies you can use in the story you’re writing today.

All Masterclass Intensives include:

  • On-demand video courses. Watch anytime, from any device
  • Closed-captioning available
  • Transcripts available
  • Downloadable resources
  • We ocassionally offer special events, such as webinars or discounts. Some of these are exclusive to Masterclass students.

Come away with a deep, thorough understanding of what your story needs & how to execute it on the page.

Time to stop banging your head against a creatve wall. join our Masterclasses & break the wall.

Kris did everything she said she would. She reframed old concepts so I finally understood. She gave me the tools I needed to do it myself, and she made me excited to write again. Feeling confident and motivated. 1000% satisfied!


Published Author

I’d definitely recommend RWL…. You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of creating a story that packs an emotional punch and has staying power in the readers’ minds. If you’re well and truly stuck, but not yet ready to throw in the towel, you can’t beat the insight that Kris provides.


Published Author

I was struggling plotting turning points but this course saved me…. These lessons take you by the hand through the story arc and explains the plot points…. I’m so glad I took this course. The instructor is excellent.



Fiction Mastery Program

If you’re tired of of struggling to figure out what’s wrong, let alone how to fix it…

If you’re ready to master your storytelling & take it to the next level…

This is the program for you!


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Downloadable Resources

Do you love webinars?

If you love online seminars, you’ll love Romance Writing Lab’s webinars! We run them intermittently, on a variety of writing- and story-craft topics.

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Get 1:1 Story Coaching

Want individualized mentoring & editing for your story?

If you’re ready to power up your story with intensive, one-on-one brainstorming, plotting, and story building, try Story Coaching with Kris!

Story coaching is a bit like developmental editing on steriods, with live calls & email support, all tailored to your writing style, voice, skills, needs, and goals. 

Go one month at a time, or select a 6 month package & get 25% off!