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Whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran author, Romance Writing Lab’s online, on-demand & in-person workshops and classes will help you write better, faster, more powerful fiction.

From character & plot to tension & theme, we break down the key components of powerful fiction with fast, fun, informative lessons so you can use the concepts & strategies in the story you’re writing TODAY.

If you want more individualized attention, check out our small-group mentoring programs and 1:1 Story Coaching!


All Classes Include:

  • On Demand Video Lessons (captioned versions also available)
  • Audio Downloads Available (perfect for commutes & walks)
  • Short, Targeted Sessions
  • Mobile Responsive
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Remarkable Characters

(Wait List)

Writers are advised to make their characters sympathetic. But maybe that’s not what you need at all…

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Romance writing courses

Just The (Romance) Turning Points

(Coming Soon/Wait List)

Most plotting methods aren’t targeted for the romance genre. Ours is. Come learn how to nail the key, ‘Big Story’ turning points so you can write faster, better stories.

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Must-Read Backstory

(Wait List)

Don’t underestimate backstory. It can kill your story…or  save it. Come turn your backstory into serious Story fuel.

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How to structure romance writing

All The Romance Beats

(Coming Soon/Wait List)

Plot a page-turning romance with this deep-dive course, covering every essential story beat, from Page One to The End. Expanded intensive of ‘Just The (Romance) Turning Points.’

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Master the essential elements to craft a powerful romance.

Keys to Romance Fiction

(Wait List)

Romance readers know what they want. You need to know how to deliver it.

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Private Story Coaching

Slots Limited – Enquire

1:1 personalized attention for your story. Brainstorming, editing, in-depth feedback, & mentoring. Live 1:1 sessions.

We offer full Story Coaching packages or a one-time consult!

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Online writers community

Romance Fiction Mastery Course

Take a deep-dive into the craft of storytelling with this 4 month intensive course that mixes on-demand video lessons with live Office Hours/Q&A with Kris, weekly cheerleading emails to keep you on track, downloadable resources, and a private discussion forum (Facebook won’t know anything about us).



  • Over ## On-Demand Video Lessons
  • Live Open Office, group coaching Q&A calls
  • ?? 1:1 Story Consult with Kris ??
  • Downloadable resources
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track
  • Private discussion community


Welcome (Live Meet & Greet to welcome everyone, outline the course, & answer questions.

Keys to Unforgettable Romance (2 weeks/1 Live open office hours Q&A)  Explore the essential components of romance fiction.

Essential Romance Structure (4 weeks/2 Live) Learn Kris’s signature “Just The (Romance) Turning Points” method for crafting a strucurally sound, emotionally-driven romance. Then we break down every story beat you’ll want in your novel drive dramatic tension.

Crafting Remarkable Characters (4 weeks/2 Live) Break down the crucial elements of character-driven fiction. Then explore specific, powerful strategies to make your characters leap off the page.

Backstory As Story Fuel (4 weeks/2 live) Take a deep-dive into the almost limitless power of backstory to fuel Story & interweave plot, romance, and character arcs. Then learn concrete, indispensible techniques for writing backstory on the page. You’ll never have a dreaded info dump again. Your readers will be begging to read your backstory.

Powerful Openings (2 weeks/1 Live) Master the fine art of grabbing your readers by the heart…on page one. Learn specific, dynamic strategies for crafting opening chapters guaranteed to turn your story into a page-turner.


Kris really knows her stuff! There is so much information in this class. I not only learned a lot for the book I’m working on, but I know this is going to help me in the future.


This was a great class. Kris is very knowledgeable, answered questions thoroughly and promptly, and really broke down the material into understandable sections.


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