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Take A Deep-Dive Into Storytelling

If you’re tired of doing it alone, we’ve got you covered. Get personalized mentoring & deep-dives into your story. We’ll help you nail all the keys to writing compelling, page-turning genre fiction.

Plotting, conflict, pacing, story arcs, character development, turning points, tension, intertwining romance arcs with plot, world-building, dialogue…whatever your story needs, we’ll address it, so you can get your story out into the world and make readers fall in love.

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Get side-by-side brainstorming, plotting, & deep-dives into your story with weekly online meetings, unlimited email questions & discussion, & written feedback on 20K words/month.

One-time, 1:1 personalized mentoring & editing on up to 5K words to help you understand core concepts of powerful fiction & how to apply them to your story.