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Story Consult

 Want some story help, but don’t need or want the full Story Coaching package? We’ve got you covered.

Get a one-time Story Consult.

Your Story Consult Includes:

1:1 Live Meeting

A one-time live meeting to Zoom meeting (~1 hour) to discuss your story, unknot problems, brainstorm plot, hone character & romance arcs, and generally do whatever we need to give you confidence, inspiration, & a plan for moving forward.

We'll brainstorm your story, the strengths as well as the places you're getting bogged down. I'll offer input & suggestions on what might help.

Manuscript Pages

You'll send me manuscript pages &/or outline/discussion notes (about 5K words in total) for review. I return them, offering both developmental & line editing style feedback.

You don't need to start with page one, & they don't need to be consecutive. Just grab excerpts you think need work,  that give a good sense of the characters or your writing, or that epitomize what you want for the story.

NOTE: I try to return these to you BEFORE we meet, so ideally, I get your pages at least 7 days before our live meeting.

Additional Pages

Send me any other information on your story, usually about 1-2K words (for a total of 5K words when combined with manuscript pages).

This can be story set-up, an outline/synopsis, character sketches, descriptions of problems you're having or where you're stuck, etc.

Don't stress about making these perfect. I don't need formal outlines or synopses. I want to hear what you're working on, & what you're struggling with. Just give me the gist of the storyline & characters, so I can give good feedback.


What is a Story Consult?

A Story Consultation is one-time, one-on-one personalized mentoring to help you understand & apply the core, key elements of powerful fiction to your stories.

It focuses primarily on structural storytelling elements (developmental editing level work). The ‘Big Story.’

‘Big Story’ is the main focus: plot, characterization, world-building, dialogue, narrative, tension, pace, conflict, and, of course, the romance. We ensure your story intertwines plot, character, & romance, so it’s seamless and gorgeous.

Story coaching doesn’t focus as much on the ‘delivery system’ (i.e. the actual writing).

That said…I do a good bit of line editing on the manuscript pages. I’m devoted to helping my clients find & develop their voices, and if I see ways to increase the impact of the writing, to evoke stronger reader reaction, I’ll point it out.

How is it different than Story Coaching?

Story Coaching is a package deal that runs on a monthly basis. It can be booked anywhere from one month to…however long you want!

A Story Consult is an intensive, one-time, 1:1 video meeting + developmental edits & review of up to 5K written words (manuscript + outline/character sketches/problem areas).

A one-time Story Consult is great if you need a quick tune-up, or are stuck on one issue, or just want to try things out & see if it helps.

Everyone who does a Story Consult says it has helped them in fundamental ways, helping them apply the concepts, techniques, & insights to other stories.

I do everything I can to ensure you carry the knowledge forward to every story you write in the future.


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Who can benefit from a Story Consult?

Just like our Story Coaching packages, a one-time Story Consult is for everyone! (Except ponies. I don’t think ponies would enjoy a Story Consult very much.)

It’s for new writers.

It’s for ‘intermediate’ writers mastering the fundamentals of the craft, or ready to take their storytelling to the next level.

It’s for veteran authors who’ve been up & down the publishing highway since before the highway was built.

For new writers, it provides an intensive crash course in fiction craft & structure. It’s one thing to read about a concept or strategy: it’s quite another to put it into practice.

For experienced writers, it’s an chance to do a deep-dive into story craft, refresh old skills, and get excited about storytelling again.

How does it work?

Step One

You purchase a Story Consult.

Step Two

You get a link to schedule our 1:1 appointment.

Step Three

Send me your written pages (up to 5K words.) (Usually 2-3K words manuscript excerpts + 2-3K words of outline/synopsis/character sketches/explanation of what you’re struggling with for a total of 5K words. Feel free to split the 5K words any way you want, but it’s best to send at least a little bit of each, to give me the best picture of your story!)

Step Four

I return your pages, marked up in every way possible. (I try to return my notes prior to our 1:1 meeting, so I ask you send your pages at least 7 days before we meet, to give me time to read, review, & return before our meeting).

Step Five

We meet via Zoom.

Step Six

You get feedback, insight, ideas, and confidence to move forward!


Do you work with non-romance stories?


We’ll still dive into the core concepts of writing & storytelling: structure, turning points, tension, pace, conflict, characterization, backstory, world-building… You name it, we’ll do it.

For romance stories, we add in that ‘romance special’ angle–romantic conflict; intertwining all other elements with the romance; shaping character arcs around the romance; and honing romantic turning points.

If you’re interested in a Story Consult with Kris but aren’t ready to book, fill out the form to get in touch. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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