You Could Go It Alone…But Don’t

Romance Writing Lab’s private online discussion forum is a place for writers & storytellers of any genres to share struggles, inspiration, and craft-related strategies, techniques, & ideas to become better craftspeople.

Oh, and to post pictures of our pets. 🙂

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How does it work?

Each member of the community has a feed, made up of posts from other members. You can post questions & start discussions in a range of craft-related topics (everything from “Crafting Romance” to “My Plot is Broken” to “Writers Life”). You can reply to others posts, “like” questions/posts, follow Topics of interest, follow specific people, and @ other members.

It’s kinda awesome.

Start discussions. Ask & answer questions. Share struggles & triumphs. Discuss strategies, tools, and techniques to become a better writer & storyteller in this supportive, fun, craft-focused private discussion community.

Invitation Only

 The Lab is in beta testing now, and is invitation-only.

Want an invitation? Yay! Sign up below.

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