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Come & ask your questions as a follow-up to The Two Things Every Scene Needs Masterclass!

After watching the Masterclass, you might still be stuck. We don’t want that. We want you in creative flow, confident, competent, & inspired. Thus, this webinar!

It’s 90 minutes of pure story craft chat.

This is your chance to ask questions on the content covered in the Masterclass, & get insight into anything that’s still confusing, or tips on how to help you use the material.

We hope you can come.

The webinar is FREE for existing Two Things students.

WHAT: Live Q&A webinar

WHEN: Thursday, September 22, 2pm EST

WHERE: Just register below & show up!

We’ve already received questions, & have a lot of content prepared for you…with slides! Yay slides!

But there’s still time to submit questions in advance. Just email them over.

You’ll get live, on-the-spot answers & troubleshooting assistance.

And of course, you can ask questions live as they occur to you during the webinar. Or just sit back and revel in the story chat.

Sign up below, and you’ll get a confirmation email with your login info for the webinar.  You’ll get several reminders emails, too. Be sure to hang onto at least one of those emails, as they contain your private, personalized link to the webinar.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Email your questions to:

NOTE: I’m trying out a new platform for these webinars, so you’re my beta testers. Please let me know what you think afterwards: the good, the bad, the ugly.

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